Rio Boteco & AMALÁ
June 21, 2019

Rio Boteco partnered with AMALÁ, to host a special Brazilian dinner by Masterchef UK semifinalist chef Luciana Berry  at the Pill Box Kitchen. It presented their own interpretation of Brazil’s traditional  dishes, each one marrying a multitude of origins, accents and faiths of the Brazilian people. AMALÁ team introduced London to a modern Brazilian cuisine. […]

Rio Boteco The Hidden
June 21, 2019

Following up London success, Margo hosted Rio Boteco at the Hidden in Prenslauerberg, Berlin best kept secrets in the summer of 2018. Rio Boteco always brings a comprehensively upscaled menu of traditional tapas and street food, complimented by a fusion of traditional Brazilian comfort dishes and great cocktails designed by Margo. They will be back […]

Rio Boteco The Pill Box
June 13, 2019

Following up on the 2016 success, Rio Boteco came back to East London for another summer of fun, refreshing drinks and superb dishes. “We’ve had so much amazing feedback and so many requests for another pop up that we felt inspired to create another edition of Rio Boteco to showcase a bit more of our culture”, […]

Brazil Pop Up Diner
June 13, 2019

We create and manage pop up restaurants that capture the attention and imagination of diners. Hands on experience of all aspects of pop up projects, from concept to delivery, is key to our understanding of this sector.   MargoCamilo’s brainchild, The World Cup Diner, presented the regional gastronomy of the 12 hosting cities of the World […]

Rio Boteco The Institute of Light
June 13, 2019

Awarded with a gold medal from local press and guests, Rio Boteco partnered with The Institute of Light to celebrate the Rio Olympics through the summer. It was a summer of great Brazilian food, music and beautiful people. Some notes from the Press: “London best summer pop ups.” Marie Claire | Read More “The best […]

Abelha Cachaça
June 11, 2019

Margo launched Abelha Cachaca in Germany.   Activated the brand via a network of distribution, wholesalers, retailers and developed by building up relationships with the bar scene.   Warranted sales growth.  Represented Abelha Cachaca at events, fair and created content and management of social media and press.

Helio’s Kitchen
February 7, 2016

Dubbed the “the best cook I know” by none other than Nigella Lawson, Helio Fenerich was talent spotted by the River Cafe’s Ruth Rogers, for whom he worked for many years. This experience highlighted his passion for Mediterranean comfort cuisine, inspiring him to create rustic and hearty dishes and exquisite desserts. We have been working […]

Mondino Wines
February 7, 2016

A London-based company bringing honest, raw and delicious Portuguese wines to the UK. Mondino’s mission is to introduce consumers to a mostly unknown facet of Portugal’s viticulture tradition; wines made by real farmers, from the most diverse array of indigenous grapes, grown in regions largely untouched by time. Margo is promoting, selling and partnering via […]