Brazil Pop Up Diner
June 13, 2019

We create and manage pop up restaurants that capture the attention and imagination of diners. Hands on experience of all aspects of pop up projects, from concept to delivery, is key to our understanding of this sector.  

MargoCamilo’s brainchild, The World Cup Diner, presented the regional gastronomy of the 12 hosting cities of the World Cup to an audience ever more interested in Brazil and its cultural, social and gastronomic aspects. 

A series of events took place at the Iconic OXO TOWER 2 and Bedford and Strand in Covent Garden. Dishes were curated by private chef Marcelo de Campos. Amongst other contributors were Andre Morin, TV chef Andy Bates and Helio Fenerich. 

The event was supported by: Leblon Cachaca, Amazon Beer, Q Chocolates, Gaya Foods and Café Cereja.

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